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Wilburn - 25 Septiembre 15:00

By Maggie Gallagher So far, AIDS has killed more than 300,000 Americans. - Да.

Forpahl - 24 Junio 02:53

I never felt like how you are saying though. Ever. The urge to reproduce never happened. No crush, no desire to stick it in anyone, nada. And I'm 23. Guess I am asexual? Maybe? I do like masturbating every so often. But I never have desire to have sex with anyone.

Goessl - 22 Octubre 09:05

not your wife, mine!!!

Horacio - 1 Junio 08:53

Far as I'm concerned sex with someone you know well and care about is always better than sex with someone random out of the blue, if you're a late bloomer you shouldn't worry, if you're taking the time to find the right person that's a good call, and if the opportunity hasn't presented itself you just gotta be patient, and maybe push yourself out there into the world of dating.

Melani - 9 Septiembre 08:52

WOW what a nice girly and cunt

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The only well-documented cases of antibiotics interfering with hormonal contraceptives that I'm aware of is the antibiotic drug Rifampicin. So yes, it is possible (if unlikely, since Rifampicin isn't used much). However, the advice to ask a doctor is always good advice, even to hypotheticals because if you're ever in that position, we don't want you relying on us, random Internet people, over asking your doctor (or better yet, pharmacist with up-to-date access to journals and drug manuals.

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